Couture creations that will Rock your world.
This handmade artistic piece starts with a size medium denim trench by "ANTHROPOLOGY". Spiritual and vintage embellishments handsewn by
KARMA PURE to complete this stunning fashion statement. 
" Heart Warrior" Wonder Woman Levi Trench Coat. A vintage image of Wonder Woman. The beautiful warrior founding member of the
Justice League- DC comics who left her sheltered island paradise to
help fight evil and end all wars.
The Collage hand stitched creation portrays the strength of All Women 's Heart. with Hand Painted Hearts,
Virgen Mary; Freda Kahlo- Positive Female energy,
The Creative Love and strength of Womanhood.
A tribute to the "Wonder Woman" in all of us.
We have the power, we just need to unleash it. 
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